Zine Library

Check out our current–but also in-progress– zine library.

These three zines are meant to be introductory pieces in order to begin grappling with some of the key assumptions and ideas behind the practice of revolutionary abolition and anarchy. They can be engaged with chronologically, or not.

The first zine serves as an introduction to anti-reform and anti-institutional frameworks. The second zine goes into depth on the concerns and topics, as well as intervenes more theoretically into ideas of revolution and insurrection. The last zine can also be read in isolation from the rest, and goes in depth on the practice of destituent insurrection.

Disclaimer: we do not all agree with all the points made by the authors in the following excerpts, and more so work as starting points and rough drafts for thinking and practicing in the direction of autonomy and anarchy.

  1. Life not Politics
  2. Becoming Ungovenable
  3. Anarchy and Community Self-Liberation